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3rd Class


Welcome to 3rd Class
We hope that you will enjoy the artwork which we will be adding to this page during the year.

Dancing in the Rain


Picasso and Cubism

We studied a Pablo Picasso Cubist portrait, Portrait of Dora Maar .
Cubism is a style of painting that shows objects from many angles at once. We tried to recreate this style when drawing the facial features, the eyes in particular, to create our own
Picasso Portraits.

Winter Birch Trees
inspired by
Monet and our School Environment

Birch trees are beautiful trees which we are lucky enough to have growing in The Grove at the front of our school. The bark of the silver birch tree is very distinctive, whitish-grey in colour, and looks beautiful in the winter even when all of the leaves have gone. We tried to recreate the bark of a birch tree in our estimated that a single mature silver birch grown to 13 metres can support up to 229 different species (types) of insect. This is like a city of insects in one single tree which is excellent for our environment.
The Magpie by Claude Monet
The Magpie is an oil on canvas landscape painting by French Impressionist artist Claude Monet. Art historians believe it was created during the winter of 18681869 in the countryside near Etretat in Normandy, France.
We studied the painting. We looked at how he painted snow, not just white, but using many colours!
We tried to create the same effect in our Winter Birch Tree Art. We observed the types of colours he used to create the snow, white, brown, blue, purple etc. We decided to experiment with a brown water colour to create the snow. We also used a mixture of blue and red water colours to create the sky. We also experimented with creating shadows in the snow.
Have a look

Autumn Leaves

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